Welcome, this is Chaulinec. We are here to bring to your table the rich flavors and the highest quality of Chilean seafood products. The fishermen of Chile are proud of their work and for that reason they dedicate themselves with pleasure to artisanal fishing and thus extract the best and what corresponds according to the season.
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Smoked Salmon

From the southernmost part of the world to your table, with the delicacy of a dedicated and slow smoke, make this product a unique experience for you and your family

King Crab Magallanica 

Our wild caught, all natural King Crab from the Patagonia has a sweet flavor, rich, firm texture and distinctive deep red and white color.

Stone Crab

The Chilean Stone crab is a wonder of the world, one of the few places that are not very inhabited in the world, due to the harsh weather during winter and even low temperatures in summer.

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