Live Marine Resources of Wild Capture and Organic Aquaculture

Recursos marinos vivos de captura salvaje y acuicultura orgánica

Our main activity is the maintenance, packaging and export of living marine resources.
Our facilities allow us to maintain live products for export. Our living products are distinguished because we take major care of quality, respect and harmony with the environment and ecological systems.

Nuestra Principal actividad es la mantención, empaque y exportación de recursos marinos vivos.
Nuestras instalaciones permiten mantener y acondicionar para la exportación en vivo, Nuestros recursos vivos se diferencian por su calidad, respeto y armonía con el entorno y sus sistemas ecológicos.

We care about the well-being of the RESOURCE and ITS FISHERMEN.
We work from the beginning proposing and generating changes that allow the sustainability of the resource and its environment. We understand and are responsible for the sustainability over time of these resources. We specialize in shipping lobsters, abalone, spider crabs, sea urchin and live crabs to Europe, Asia and anywhere in the world.

Nos preocupamos del bienestar del RECURSO y SUS PESCADORES.
Entendemos y somosresponsables de la sostenibilidad en el tiempo de estos recursos en el largo plazo. Nos especializamos en el envío de langostas, abalones, centolla, erizos y cangrejos vivos a Europa, Asia y cualquier parte del mundo.

Since our farm is  far from the Asian market that consumes live products, we have the best survival ratio in the world.  After a long trip to the other side of the world, our product make it to destination in perfect condition.

Ecological footprint

Huella Ecologica

We are aware of the print produce by air transportation to the consumption centers therefore we constantly work to decrease this print implementing sustainable packaging and systems. 
Our live products are one of the few in the world that have a traceability oriented to our costumer.
We invite you to know our live products from wild handicraft fishery and organic farming.

Nuestros productos vivos son unos de los pocos en el mundo que poseen una trazabilidad orientada al cliente Conoce nuestros productos vivos de pesquería salvaje artesanal y cultivo orgánico.

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