We are a Chilean company that exports seafood of the highest quality to the markets in the northern hemisphere. Our products are always fresh and have the best presentation.Chile is a privileged country with many kilometers of coastline, this provides a great variety and high quality seafood.Chaulinec is our brand and today you can have on your table the freshness and flavor of the south of the world.

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Chaulinec is an island in southern Chile

It is a very beautiful place, visited by tourists from all over the world throughout the year. His festival of typical customs is in the month of February of each year. At this special time, the locals take out their typical products and make them available for sale in the small town’s central square. All this tradition of good flavors and ansestral origin, is brought to your table by us. The Chaulinec brand is in charge of getting the best products for your family.
The type of capture we require from our suppliers must be the type that does not affect the ecosystem and is sustainable so that for many generations we can enjoy the delicious products that the sea offers us.
In Chaulinec we think of our customers, we are aware of their refined taste and the high quality they expect when buying seafood.

Juan Fernandez Island.
This island has been blessed with unique varieties of fish and various seafood products. Its purity and distance that separates it from the continent makes it unique. This island is sovereign of Chile and its unique culture makes it a special place for visitors, although its access is not an easy task, only a small airport that does not receive commercial airlines and a port for small boats. 

The products that Chaulinec offers you, are of the highest quality like the lobster from Juan Fernandez Island, famous and known for its rich flavor, texture and large size. This island is a special place on planet Earth, since only in this place there are certain varieties of fish and other seafood such as the Golden Crab, Cristalla, Po ‘opo, Breca fish of white and very fine meats.We look forward to exporting many of these unique and rich flavors from Chile to your table.